Trust Creation For Hawaii Families

Whether you want to preserve assets for future generations, support your favorite charitable organization, minimize estate taxes or avoid probate, a trust could be an excellent estate planning tool for you and your family.

At the Law Offices of Reuben S. F. Wong, we have extensive experience in creating trusts for individuals and families in Honolulu and across the Island of O'ahu.

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Your Trust Options

Most people associate trusts with very large estates. However, trusts can also be effective tools for modest estates.

Our attorneys can get to know your specific situation and help you draft a trust for achieving your specific goals.

Depending on the circumstances, your trust options may include:

  • Special Needs Trust, which can benefit a loved one with special needs while allowing him or her to retain eligibility for government benefits.
  • Charitable Trust, which can benefit a charity of your choice or the public in general. A charitable trust can also help minimize estate and gift taxes, as well as provide the trustmaker with valuable benefits during his or her lifetime.
  • Spendthrift Trust, which protects the assets from the beneficiary's creditors until the property is distributed. With this type of trust, you can determine how and when the assets will be distributed.
  • Tax Bypass Trust, which allows one spouse to leave money to the other and at the same time limit the amount of federal estate tax payable upon the death of the second spouse. Depending on the value of the estate, this type of trust could save the children hundreds of thousands of dollars in estate taxes.

Our Firm and the 'School of Weinberg'

For many years, founding attorney Reuben Wong served as Harry Weinberg's personal attorney and estate planner. Mr. Weinberg was one of the leading individual philanthropists in Hawaii, and he donated the bulk of his assets to a philanthropic foundation created by Mr. Wong. This extensive experience with charitable organizations makes Mr. Wong a leader in estate planning in Hawaii and a graduate of what our firm has called the "School of Weinberg."

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