Easement/Property Rights

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An easement allows an individual or business to retain certain access or usage rights to commercial or residential property they do not possess. At the Law Offices of Reuben S. F. Wong, we represent landowners, real estate developers and others with interests in commercial or residential property understand their rights with regard to easements and other property rights.

Understanding your rights and obligations when purchasing or selling real estate or handling a real estate dispute is critical to protecting your immediate and long-term interests. For more information about our representation, please contact us to schedule a free consultation and case evaluation.

Protecting Your Rights in Real Estate Transactions and Property Disputes

Whether you are interested in protecting your rights as a landowner or seeking to acquire property for development or personal use, understanding your rights with regard to easements and other property obligations can help you prevent future hassles. We represent buyers, sellers, real estate developers, commercial businesses and individual homeowners in:

  • Title examination
  • Property evaluation
  • Creation, negotiation and/or modification of easements and liens
  • Easement disputes
  • Restrictions against easement transfers
  • Issues of encroachment and other boundary disputes

We take time to understand the issues involved and work diligently to protect our clients' rights and interests. In cases of property disputes, we seek amicable resolutions such as encroachment agreements or easement formation if possible, though we are always prepared to represent clients' interests in court if necessary.

Your Trust Is Our Business

We seek to help clients protect their immediate and long-term interests by providing experienced, efficient and cost-effective legal representation. Contact the Law Offices of Reuben S. F. Wong for a free consultation with an experienced Honolulu easement attorney and property rights lawyer you can trust.

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